There and Back Again

I am just a dude hanging on to this wild ride called life by a tread. I am trying to rebuild so many beautiful things that I have torn down, this is my personal journal of this journey to find myself again….the man my wife married, the man who loved life and loved to have fun for the sake of it…..the man who simply knew how to love.

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About Me

Who am I, I am a father, a husband and a soldier, I am also lost….ohhhh so lost. This blog is my written journey, it is my story of my life. I decided to create this blog the day my wife left for her new career. A journey that has taken her temporarily away from our family but could take her permanently from me.  It is a journey of loss, love, hope and likely disappointment as well.

Who am I, I am a man who sings the wrong lyrics to songs, who cracks your mom jokes at inappropriate times, who has no filter but who loves the arts and admires all the things of beauty in this world that people create. I wish I could say I am an artist and a creator but the truth is I have a knack for destroying far more than I create.

Who am I, simply a man that wants to find the better sides of himself and have his wife and children love him once more.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.