Breakfast at Tiffanys

So today went pretty good, got solid nights sleep, made a decent start to the day with the kids, work went slow as hell and no major life altering events occurred. The kids are doing really good. Man have they stepped up.  You would be so proud of them! We all miss you but we have circled the wagons and we are doing well.First day I did not feel overwhelmed, and I feel refreshed today…..I think we are going to make it through this. I just hope when TT and PJ get here I am able to manage their crazy and Raheem’s hyperactivity. The kiddos are a little worried about him but I have been talking to them about it a lot and explained to them this is TT’s last shot at a real chance in life. …….If nowhere else in my life, if there is no rekindling things for you and no saving our marriage, hopefully I can at least redeem myself with TT. …..I am trying to Snap out of it, I have to keep telling myself, you got this…positive thoughts, you can do this….you can show Donna you are worthy of her love again and earn it and save your daughter……. I got this…..I need to move onto other things and get my head straight, I am all over the place right now without your here grounding me….i will keep trying, so……Good Night Donna!


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