The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Let me start by saying I am sorry, we had so many good conversations until today, and then I had my financial epiphany and meltdown….I said it before but now I truly understand just how much work it was for you to keep this family afloat…. I don’t know how you did it all these years….I really don’t. It was so great to see your face and hear your voice, I really needed that today.  I know we have a long road ahead but I have for lack of a better term….faith. I know we are stronger together than we ever are apart, i know their is no obstacle we cannot climb when we tackle it as a team and I know it is you and only you that gives me strength…I know that is not a fair burden to place on you but it is true… make me a better person…….I miss you babe! Good Night Donna


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